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Photo by Will Austin

Photo by Will Austin


About Roq La Rue

Roq La Rue was started in 1998 by Kirsten Anderson. Seeking to create a space in Seattle for for the rising “Low Brow” art scene, the gallery showed everything from Kustom Kulture art, outsider art, prison art, tiki art, work by underground cartoonists, anything that was sub-culturally influenced and provocative from an art world point of view. As the gallery grew and the artists in the scene started to be less transgressive but more refined, trading kitsch for magical realism and more nuanced storytelling, the scene shifted into calling itself “Pop Surrealism”. Roq La Rue was on the cutting edge of this new movement, exhibiting the best artists in the genre and discovering new talents. This led to gaining not only an international roster of artists and collectors, but a reputation for being highly discerning. In 2016 Anderson closed down Roq La Rue to pursue interests in wildlife conservation, but after two years off, found she missed the art world too much. Originally opening Creatura House Gallery devoted to works influenced by the natural world, Anderson felt the theme too restricting and with the shifting and closing of galleries across the board decided that a place like Roq La Rue was needed again.


Kirsten Anderson

Kirsten Anderson is the owner/curator of Roq La Rue. She started and ran Roq La Rue Gallery from 2008-2016. She then took a two year hiatus from the gallery and started a 501c3 non profit called Creatura Wildlife Projects in 2016 (still active) and in 2018 relaunched Roq La Rue.

She wrote the first survey of the burgeoning underground pop art scene in 2014 called “Pop Surrealism”, which effectively renamed the art movement previously exclusively known as Low Brow. She also was the editor-at-large and writer at Hi Fructose magazine from 2007-2014 and has written numerous forwards for artist monographs including Mark Ryden, Martin Wittfooth, Lisa Petrucci, Travis Louie, Marion Peck, Camille Rose Garcia, and Femke Hiemstra.


Philanthropy efforts:


Creatura Wildlife Projects: This non profit currently raises funds to assist assorted wildlife projects in Kenya, Peru, and the US. Check out our website to see what we are up to!


We raised money via four very successful print releases with artists Mark Ryden, Camille Rose Garcia, Audrey Kawasaki and Josh Keyes with sales going to support the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya, which has had great success in raising young, orphaned creatures and integrating them back into wild herds. Their innovative organization also puts an emphasis on building community and giving back to the local human population.

We also raised money for Big Life Foundation, and organization devoted to stopping the rampant proliferation of poaching in East Africa.

in 2014 we released an additional print with Camille Rose Garcia with profits going to Bat Conservation International.

In 2014 we hosted an exhibition called “Unpredictable Gravity” curated by Robbie Lowery, with half of all profit going to assorted cancer charities including The Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, Seattle Children’s Hospital, and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.