John Brophy, Stacey Rozich and William Mortensen 12/4-1/3

Roq La Rue



In The Main Gallery:

John Brophy

” The Saddest Heart On The Holy Mountain “

new paintings


Stacey Rozich

” Shrine “

new paintings


In The Upstairs Gallery:

William Mortensen

” Command To Look “

photographs and prints from the Adam Parfrey Collection and Book Release.


Opens Thursday December 4th 6-9pm

runs through January 3rd


The creatures in Stacey Rozich’s vibrant watercolor and gouache paintings are colorful protagonists that evoke Eastern European mythology and indigenous folklore. In “Shrine”, Rozich describes the the trappings and rituals of death, painting figures standing or laying near ornamental mausoleums and gravestones. They are joined by a cast of skeletal or animal demon spirits that comfort them, antagonize them, or stand guard as they begin their journey through death. Though they might be protective, they are also tricksters – dancing, drinking, and reveling in their non-corporeal existence in spite of ours.

John Brophy’s iconographic painted figures are known for their glowing crowns, ecstatic faces, and halos of sacred mathematical formulae. Accompanied by artifacts of Western culture such as astronaut helmets or floating urinals, he creates a surreal contrast between their classical gestures and contemporary situations. For “The Saddest Heart on the Holy Mountain”, Brophy delves into the absurdist nature of sadness through a Dada lens, to create a story about mortality, religion, and philosophy. Each painting is a multi-step process, beginning with a 3D computer program to build a template and executing the final work entirely in oil paint on panel.

Portraits by photographer William Mortenson from the collection of Feral House publisher Adam Parfrey will be featured to correspond with the release of two books: “American Grotesque: The Life and Art of William Mortensen” and “The Command to Look” (published by Feral House 2014). The photographs in this exhibition feature both tranquil and grotesque Romantic portraits of actors and models, demonstrating Mortensen’s innovative and iconoclastic abilities, including the infamous manipulation of the photo through drawing, scratching, printmaking, and composites; techniques which, combined with his imagery, earned him the title of ‘antichrist’ by Ansel Adams. Roq La Rue will have these books available at the opening and through the run of the show.

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Images will be posted online December 4th.



John Brophy “Waiting For The Miracle” oil on paper on panel


Stacey Rozich “It’s Time To Join The Party” watercolor and gouache on paper


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