Peter Ferguson, Amanda Manitach, Uchronia Group Show

Opening reception, Thursday April 2, 6-9pm.  Show runs through Saturday, May 2nd 2015

Show images posted April 2nd. Contact us to be placed on a preview!


Peter Ferguson “Prime Meridian”

We’re pleased to welcome Canadian painter Peter Ferguson back to Roq La Rue this April. Ferguson’s vividly imaginative works read like a lucid dream of an alternate history, recalling the aesthetic of Dutch Renaissance painting, old National Geographic photography, and 18th century British Naval history.

Ferguson’s meticulously painted, darkly humorous narratives evoke composite cities and landscapes from 16th Century Europe and early 20th century small town Americana (or Canadiana as the case may be), . Combining grandiose narratives of the great ages of exploration with a distinctly paranormal bent, Ferguson’s work subtly hovers the line between fantasy, surrealism, and realism without ever falling into either of them fully. Luminously painted and complex in their composition, his paintings retain an air of both melancholy and wonder at days gone past.

Peter Ferguson was born in Montreal and has held a long career as a professional illustrator since graduating from the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto in 1992. His clients include Marvel Comics, The Royal Shakespeare Company, The Wall Street Journal, Washington Times, Mojo, Chicago Tribune, and the Los Angeles Times. Peter has also illustrated the covers of the popular Sisters Grimm collection.

All works are framed.

Ferguson Ask a Wise Bird copy



Group Show “Uchronia”

Femke Hiemstra, Lindsey Carr, Scott Musgrove, Jessica McCourt, Derek Knobbs, Syd Bee, and Olivia Knapp

“Uchronia” is a tightly curated mini-group show exploring the idea of alternate or fictional history. What would the world look like if it were inhabited by different animals, heroes, and events? This exhibition features the work of Femke Hiemstra, Lindsey Carr, Scott Musgrove, Jessica McCourt, Derek Knobbs, Syd Bee, and Olivia Knapp. Each artist approaches their historical narrative with whimsy, beauty, possibility, and dreamlike wonder at a universe that is not of our place or our time.

All works are framed.

liger copy



Amanda Manitach “Whiskey Helps”

Roq La Rue is excited to introduce Seattle artist Amanda Manitach for her solo exhibition of infamous t-shirt girls, ‘Whiskey Helps’. Driven by the premise that feminine empowerment, sexuality, and self-expression evolve through history, Manitach’s t-shirt girls examine the nuances and conflicts of being female in the 21st Century. Her protagonists take the place of the 19th Century “hysterical” figure to present a tongue-in-cheek commentary on everything from the Freudian cliche of “penis envy” to waxing, to Beyonce; all while seductively posing her figures in tight shirts, no pants, and inscriptions brazenly written across the breast.

Amanda Manitach is an artist as well as curator at Seattle University’s Hedreen Gallery, and visual arts editor at City Arts Magazine. She grew up in Texas, the daughter of a charismatic pastor, and has lived in the Northwest since 2001. Her work has been exhibited nationally including Planthouse Gallery (NYC), Bellevue Arts Museum, Frye Art Museum, Lawrimore Project and Roq la Rue Gallery.

All drawings are framed. Paintings are ready to hang.



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